Rutland Young Professionals (RYP) is an all-volunteer, all-inclusive organization focused on creating a vibrant Rutland area and promoting that area to young professionals near and far. We were founded in July of 2013 by a core group of energetic folks seeking a way to connect with other people, jobs, volunteer and mentorship opportunities, professional development and fun.

Our Mission.

To engage with our community, create social and professional networking opportunities and work to build a Rutland area that attracts and retains young professionals.  


Rutland Young Professionals are from Rutland. Or not.

As a city, Rutland is growing stronger and better all the time. We’re attracting more and more people to our area, and providing jobs and opportunities to folks from surrounding communities that look to Rutland as a hub for Central Vermont. Rutland Young Professionals might live around the corner, or around the county. Different zip codes, but the same goals: to create social and professional opportunities for people in our area.

Rutland Young Professionals are young. Or not.

If you’re new to your job and looking for ways to get better at what you do; if you’re a single parent and looking for support in juggling your many roles; if you’re fresh out of school and haven’t got your feet quite under you yet; if you’re recently retired and willing to share your time and wisdom with young professionals; wherever you are in your life, if you’re excited about making Rutland an attractive alternative to young professionals, you’re a Rutland Young Professional.

Rutland Young Professionals are professional. Or not.

At RYP’s monthly mixes, you’ll see your fair share of high heels and ties, sure. But you’ll also see CSA farmers in overalls, yoga teachers fresh from class, bakers with flour in their hair, freelance writers who’ve ventured out of the house for the first time today, and plenty of people who can’t put a simple label on their ‘professional’ life. Shelve the idea that your job is your only profession, and bring whatever you’re excited about sharing with your community to the next RYP Mix.