Rutland Young Professionals Opens Membership

At the mix on Friday, July 10, RYP Board President Katye Munger made the following announcement:

By now, you all know our mission:

to create social and professional networking opportunities,
to engage with the community, and
to attract and retain young professionals to the Rutland area.

Thanks to you all, we are doing those things.

We invite you to make new friends and business connections at our monthly mix. We'd love to expand on those. We want to offer more networking opportunities and professional development training, and we are already working with partners like the Green Mountain HR Association to do that. Plus, we are bringing young professionals from all over Vermont to the Paramount Theater in Rutland for a statewide summit on young professionals in Vermont on September 12th.

This year, we will extend our community online, using LinkedIn and our website to promote connections between young professionals and with local businesses.

We know you want more social opportunities – those are the events that have a positive emotional impact on your professional life – plus, they are fun!

We also love engaging with our community. We bring our mix to different businesses and organizations each month, and we hear from speakers who educate us about business, education, and recreation opportunities in our area.

Rutland’s Young Professionals also love to give back to our community. In 2015, we planted trees with Rutland Blooms and helped Pack the Paramount. We will play Mud Volleyball, volunteer at the Farm to Fork Fondo, and give blood at the summer Gift of Life Marathon.

We're working hard to attract and retain young professionals by helping local businesses like Rutland Regional Medical Center recruit new talent. We've developed partnerships that connect young professionals to housing opportunities when they get here, and we never stop looking for ways to make it even easier to connect with our community.

We couldn’t accomplish any of this without the support of local businesses and organizations – and of course, we wouldn’t be here without all of you.

No one can say there aren’t young professionals in Rutland anymore! We even have a physical presence in downtown Rutland thanks to our friends at Castleton Downtown. Look around you. This is an amazing group of young professionals, and RYP is so proud to have brought you together. 

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished together, but we think we can do more. We think that we need to do more, so that Rutland will continue to attract talented, motivated, exciting people like you.

This year, we are asking for your support in a new way: we want you to become a member of Rutland Young Professionals. Why? Because you value our events; because you want to see RYP succeed; because you believe in our mission; because you believe in Rutland. You are already a part of Rutland's renaissance and of RYP – with this membership, we invite you to show your support.

You can become a member of Rutland Young Professionals for just $25/year. We will send an email out next week with all the details about what we hope to accomplish with your support, but if you just can’t wait, visit We will also offer sponsorship opportunities to local businesses. If your employer sponsors RYP, it could include a membership for you, so talk to a board member if you think your employer might be interested.

If you’re not ready for a membership yet, no problem. We still want you to consider yourself an absolutely essential ingredient in Rutland’s revitalization. Our monthly mix will always be free, and we hope you join us at the mix, at the many volunteer opportunities we offer you, and at special events like the Young Professionals Summit of Vermont in September.

Whether you choose to support us with a membership, or simply by being here with us, we are grateful for your contribution to this group and to Rutland. We are looking forward to our third year!

Now, I've been speaking forever. So please, have fun, celebrate our birthday and YOU! Thank you so much!