The RYP Professional Development Grant Program aims to provide financial assistance to young professionals who enroll in, and successfully complete, career focused education and certificate programs. The eligible programs can range from broad professional development skills to specific certificate programs in a given career.

Grant Recipients will be selected by the Outreach Committee of the Rutland Young Professionals. Grants will cover no more than 50% of the education costs. Grant amounts are determined by the Employer Relations Committee, and grants will not exceed $300. The grant program is funded annually by the Rutland Young Professionals.


  1. Applicant needs to be a paid RYP member in good standing

  2. Application must be approved prior to the program start date

  3. Applicant must be paying for a portion of the program costs out of pocket

  4. Program must be relevant to future career growth

  5. Applicant needs to show proof of completion and proof of payment before monies are awarded

Grant Process

  1. Complete the grant form below

  2. Application is reviewed the Outreach Committee who will vote on approval

  3. Applicant is notified of approval with instructions for remittance

  4. Applicant provides proof of program completion and payment

  5. RYP Finance committee will send a check with the granted monies

  6. RYP Marketing committee will follow up regarding testimony and promotionPr

Professional Development Grant Application

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