Great Reception at Castleton Downtown Open House

From left: Lyle Jepson, Dean of Entrepreneurial Programs; Tom Valente, RYP Board, Sara Gilbert, RYP Board; Steve Peters, RYP Board; Katye Munger, RYP Board President; Matt Bloomer, RYP Board; Gwen Flewelling, RYP Board Vice President; Lyz Tomsuden, RYP Board; Chris Louras, Mayor of Rutland; Dave Wolk, President of Castleton College.

Castleton Downtown hosted their Open House on Thursday, January 22. It was a packed house with many city representatives, Castleton faculty and staff, and Vermont State College administration. We once again introduced our partnership with Castleton Downtown and the collaboration we are starting to have. We're very honored to have this exciting partnership, and can't wait to see where it helps us go!